Digital Transformation

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As an IT leader you must decide if your team will focus on innovation or “keeping the lights on.” Will you support digital transformation in your organization? Or will you allow shadow IT to mushroom — resulting in systems you are still responsible for but cannot control?

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Digital Reinvention

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The message was clear when you left your meeting with the CEO, your organization will not be a laggard in the new digital age. The CEO expects you, as the technology leader, to lead in the adoption of new technologies across the organization. It’s a tremendous and exciting opportunity but it feels like you’re being asked to swallow the ocean. So where to begin?

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Leadership by Setting Priorities

Enterprise IT, IT Team, IT future, IT Talent, IT recruiting, 2018

Prioritizing projects is a key responsibility for an IT leader. How you select and schedule your IT priorities is critical to your organization’s success. With limited staff and continuous requests from stakeholders, an IT leader is regularly making tradeoffs on what needs to get done and what is optional.

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IT and New Employee Onboarding

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As an IT leader you are well aware that almost every major task your colleagues will work on at your organization involves technology, so preparing for her first day is a critical responsibility for your team. According to a 2016 Forbes Insight article,"new hires are most likely to quit within the first three to six months of employment" making the onboarding stage “a small window of opportunity for an organization to make a good impression.”

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Planning for the Unplanned

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You just left your annual planning meeting with your company's CEO and you are eager to begin on your big technology goals for the new year. Your team has the skills and abilities to meet the demands of the organization and you are confident that your to-do list is manageable, except for unplanned events.

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Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerabilities

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Meltdown (CVE-2017-5754) and Spectre (CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5715) are two individual security vulnerabilities discovered and reported by the Project Zero Team at Google. Both Meltdown and Spectre exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors and therefore affect a wide range of devices that includes personal computers, mobile devices and server hardware in datacenters.

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Your IT Team and Change

Enterprise IT, IT Team, IT future, IT Talent, IT recruiting

After exiting your annual executive planning session, the expectations for your IT team are clear. The organization needs to be more competitive and digitization projects top everyone’s wish list. From marketing and sales to delivery and customer service, your department heads are clamoring for the latest in digital tools to meet increasing customer demands. Your CEO was clear: either your company adapts and excels in the new digital era or it falls behind its competitors and loses ground.

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IT and the Question of Outsourcing

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IT teams confront the question of outsourcing more than other groups. As an IT leader you know changes are necessary to meet your organization’s growing digital demands. Yet the most resilient teams can be shaken when the topic of outsourcing comes up.

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IT Budgets in 2018

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Staying ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to business strategy, is key to your organization’s sustainability. Positioning IT as a central driving force of business innovation helps secure your future. Understandably, IT budgets are on the rise. According to Spiceworks’ 2018 State of IT report, 44% of survey respondents said they expect their IT budgets to rise by 19% on average in the next year. It’s a noteworthy forecast, given that the same respondents said their budgets had remained largely flat for the last three years. So, what will CIOs spend their increased budget on?

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Download eBook: Solve Your User Ready IT Deployment Challenges

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Did you know that, according to IDC’s findings, IT departments spend 80% of their time on routine “keeping the lights on” kinds of tasks such as asset deployment, patch management, troubleshooting, and remediation? That leaves only 20% of time for businesses to spend on forward thinking business solutions and new projects. This 80:20 ratio hinders the critical innovation that leads to a sustainable, competitive advantage.

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