Poised for a digital transformation?

IT Audit: Self-Assessment

Audit Proofing, IT future, IT innovation

Self-examination can be hard. First of all, when you look inward your perspective is skewed. And secondly, you may not like what you see.

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A UEM Collaboration: VMware Workspace One and Q-wrx

Q-wrx solutions, UEM, IT innovation

With more than a decade of IT industry experience, our very own Moiz Bhinderwala, Technical Services and Logistics Group Manager, has gained a firm grasp of the technological landscape. Moiz has been with us since 2011 where he’s worked closely with clients in understanding their unique challenges and solves for them. We picked his brain for deep insights on one of IT’s biggest trends, unified endpoint management (UEM) and how the DCC-VMware collaboration comes into play.

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7 Best Practices for IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Life Cycle Management, IT lifecycle

IT asset management (ITAM) is a set of business practices for optimizing spending and supporting strategic decision making within the IT environment while also increasing the company-wide understanding of IT's business value.

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Proactive IT Systems Planning

Enterprise IT, IT future, IT innovation

One truth that applies to technology is that it constantly changes. The short lifecycles of hardware and software and the constant disruption caused by innovative solutions make working in the technology space fun and challenging.

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Why You Should Adopt UEM Today

IT future, UEM, IT innovation

In the past, endpoint management wasn’t defined by variability in devices. Everything was a Windows PC with the exception of marketing that had a few Macs. Your desktop support team were experts on Windows and that was good enough.

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Adapting Your IT Strategy to the Millennial Workforce

IT future, UEM, IT innovation

The millennial workforce is here and IT needs to adapt. By 2020, Millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce

On one hand millennials are a generation of tech savvy digital natives which can make user system adoption easier. On the other hand millennials are used to instant and continuous access across multiple devices. 

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Breaking Down Endpoint Silos

UEM, IT innovation

Endpoints are multiplying across all organizations because of the mobile workforce, IOT and the digitization of business. IT has kept pace by expanding and growing its skill base in IOS, Android, Linux, Mac OS and of course Windows.  

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Why You Shouldn't (Always) Follow the Latest Digital Trends

Enterprise IT, IT Team, IT future, 2018, digital transformation

With the constant change in IT, it’s easy to worry that you and your organization are falling behind. As the IT leader, you pride yourself on being a future thinker, not someone who shies away from what’s new.

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Right Tech Partner for Your IoT Device

Enterprise IT, IT Partnership, IT value, IT Security, IOT

You have an industry leading product and a compelling vision to enable your product with technology. The new IOT enabled product has the potential to disrupt your industry and guarantee your place as a market leader. But you don't know how to make it happen, yet. 

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Rollout to Remote Locations

Enterprise IT, IT Team, Logistics, IT future, 2018, IT innovation

Your company is rolling out a new application. In addition to users at your headquarters, you have to coordinate the rollout to 42 locations with over 300 users. Your CEO expects the rollout to be live with all users connected by the end of Q1 so you can go live in Q2. You have to image the new systems, source peripherals, keyboards, monitors, mice etc. and ship and kit them to all locations. It’s a complicated process with a lot of logistical details and you have few resources outside of IT for support.

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