Data Breaches and Compliance Audits

After reading the third article this week about data breaches you realize it’s just a matter of time before you’re confronted with a compliance audit.  It actually weighs on your mind a lot but when you try to take action you face resistance.

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Recruiting and Retaining a Talented IT Team

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Highly educated IT professionals value growth, innovation, and creativity. They seek challenges that have a positive impact within their organization. They are also very aware that their IT skills can quickly become dated unless they have opportunities to focus on forward looking projects that build their knowledge base and capabilities.

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Project Delays Due to Context Switching

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Splitting the attention of your IT team between business-critical IT projects and “keeping the lights on” greatly reduces your team’s productivity and increases stress. This habit of moving between tasks and projects is referred to as context switching, a form of multitasking. Context switching causes the brain to reorient itself to the current task at hand and that process can take on average 23 minutes and 15 seconds. Imagine a team member who has gotten into the flow of solving a complex IT problem and is unexpectedly interrupted by a new system request. What is the cost to the organization for that interruption?

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Licensing Auditing

Spending two days with your software partner on license auditing was not what you wanted to do.  Aside from the fact that contract and licensing review is incredibly tedious, it became clear that you don’t have a good handle on all your license assets and a large part of that is not having good information on your physical assets.

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Good News or Bad News?

Enterprise IT, IT Team, IT future, IT Talent, IT recruiting, 2018

32% of IT professionals will be looking for a new job in 2018. This could be good news or bad news depending on your situation. Good news if you’re confident in your ability to attract new skilled IT talent; bad news if you’re concerned that your team will be targeted by recruiters and competitors.

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Effectively Managing Your Remote Office and Branch Office Technology

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Managing your remote office and branch office (ROBO) technology properly is a pressing IT issue. New employee onboarding and technology upgrades can be challenging in remote locations. And tracking IT asset location and condition can be difficult. Your IT budget won’t support dedicated onsite IT staff or frequent travel to ROBO locations so it’s important to establish guidelines and procedures to maintain compliance with system and security standards as well as guarantee end user satisfaction.

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Digital Transformation

Enterprise IT, IT Team, IT future, IT Talent, digital transformation

As an IT leader you must decide if your team will focus on innovation or “keeping the lights on.” Will you support digital transformation in your organization? Or will you allow shadow IT to mushroom — resulting in systems you are still responsible for but cannot control?

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Digital Reinvention

Enterprise IT, IT value, IT future, IT Talent, 2018

The message was clear when you left your meeting with the CEO, your organization will not be a laggard in the new digital age. The CEO expects you, as the technology leader, to lead in the adoption of new technologies across the organization. It’s a tremendous and exciting opportunity but it feels like you’re being asked to swallow the ocean. So where to begin?

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Leadership by Setting Priorities

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Prioritizing projects is a key responsibility for an IT leader. How you select and schedule your IT priorities is critical to your organization’s success. With limited staff and continuous requests from stakeholders, an IT leader is regularly making tradeoffs on what needs to get done and what is optional.

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IT and New Employee Onboarding

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As an IT leader you are well aware that almost every major task your colleagues will work on at your organization involves technology, so preparing for her first day is a critical responsibility for your team. According to a 2016 Forbes Insight article,"new hires are most likely to quit within the first three to six months of employment" making the onboarding stage “a small window of opportunity for an organization to make a good impression.”

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