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How We Audit Proof the IT Supply Chain

15 February, 2016

Dynamic Computer Corporation has been a value-added IT reseller to U.S. federal and defense agencies for nearly two decades. We’ve also served leading medical device manufacturers, providing integrated hardware and software for their complex devices, for a few years more than that. What’s most common about these two categories of Dynamic customers is that they both do business in regulated markets. Over the years, we’ve gained extensive experience in delivering mission-critical IT to customers who need it to meet all relevant regulations and quality standards.

Some of our customers have used a strikingly simple and direct term to convey this big idea. They say they’re aiming, in essence, to “audit proof” their IT supply chain.

We've taken to using the same term to convey the core value of our Q-wrxSM solutions. Audit proofing the IT supply chain describes what we enable our customers to achieve with Q-wrx.

Our Q-wrx case study on this topic describes how a leading health insurance and information systems company, whose internal IT teams were struggling to keep up with growing pressures on their time, outsourced many critical IT processes to Dynamic. We now manage everything from server and workstation testing, set-up, and system imaging to inventory management, security assurance, online ordering, record retention, and more. This is to help keep the customer’s IT operations be audit proof.

With our tested acquisition process, we optimize transaction from leading supply chains at negotiate prices. Our Q-wrx customers have access to the IT hardware and software from Dynamic’s 500+ technology partners that works best for their projects. Each Q-wrx solution is custom built to the organization’s specific needs. This help Q-wrx customers minimize risk and optimize quality in the IT supply chain.

Learn more about Q-wrx here, and please contact Adnan Shaben, our Vice President of Sales (248-615-6425,, if you’d like to further explore the options for audit-proofing your IT supply chain with Q-wrx.


Moiz Bhinderwala

Moiz Bhinderwala leads the technical services and logistics teams at Dynamic. With more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Moiz has deep knowledge of the complex technological landscape, working closely with clients to understand their IT challenges and help design custom technical solutions to meet their business goals.


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