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How We Optimize Value

31 August, 2015

Dynamic aims to help our customers control their IT costs without sacrificing quality. It’s a philosophy that drives all we do in customer support.

We always have “design to value” in mind for every size and style of customer, at every stage of our business relationship. This, of course, means fulfilling our customers’ IT orders completely, accurately, and promptly, from a trusted source committed to quality. And it extends well beyond that – to providing full-scale IT lifecycle management services for those whose ongoing organizational success depends on it.

In all cases, Dynamic aims to deliver exactly what the customer wants and needs. In the business media, the term “design to value” most commonly refers to the development and sale of products – less so to services. The business consultancy McKinsey & Company has promoted the concept to product manufacturers. But we clearly see the application and importance of “design to value” here at Dynamic, in our provision of both products and services to our customers. It’s key, we believe, to our historical record of 98% customer retention.


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