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Digital Transformation Enabled: 6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Functions

29 June, 2018

Digital transformation is often defined as simply using digital technologies to improve and optimize various aspects of a business. While true, it misses one key factor: agility. A business isn't truly digitally transformed until it is flexible and agile enough to react to the continual change and progress that's fundamental to the digital landscape.

But how can you transform your business without hampering your critical operations and potentially harming your reputation, costing you time and money?

Benefits of outsourcing IT

That's where an expert IT partner comes in. Outsourcing your IT functions will make your digital transformation faster, smoother, and easier for all parties. It also means your teams can focus on improving and innovating rather than the basic day-to-day challenges of IT.

Here are 6 benefits of outsourcing your IT:

1. Reduces Cost

Outsourced IT is more cost-effective for companies of almost any size or industry. Many companies struggle to staff and support their own in-house IT operations, plus staying flexible and agile in today's quickly evolving IT landscape is a nearly impossible ask. But bringing in an expert partner with the knowledge and resources needed to streamline and optimize your IT is the ideal way to make you leaner, more flexible, and more profitable.

A recent Gartner survey found that 56% of businesses polled are already seeing improved profits from digital improvements that can reduce IT costs up to 60%.

2. Saves Time & Manpower

Outsourced IT will also save your company a significant amount of time and manpower. That means drastically cutting deployment time while freeing up your internal resources to focus on innovation, core operations, growing your business, customer service, and other tasks critical to your success and growth.

The numbers bear this out: a study from MIT recently found that a $96.14 million boost in spending on outsourced IT led to an average $121.14 million reduction in non-IT operating costs.

3. Enables Flexibility & Agility

It's too costly and challenging for businesses today to keep in-house IT functions ahead of all the latest trends in the digital landscape. But a dedicated IT partner has the specialized resources and expertise needed to handle everything for you. With all the time, money, and manpower you save outsourcing your IT, plus the flexibility and agility your IT partner will bring to the table, your business will be better equipped than ever to handle change.

4. Improves Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a major concern for modern organizations due to a proliferation of connected devices and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Outsourcing your IT functions with the right firm will help ensure you have controls ready to alleviate potential security risks. Your IT partner will also keep you informed of potential security issues, leverage software and hardware to prevent risks, and use detailed analytics of devices connected to your networks to ensure proactive security.

5. Facilitates BYOD & Remote Work

The modern workplace is changing, as more and more companies are embracing the "bring-your-own-device" (BYOD) model, as well as enabling more remote work. Implementing and scaling these modern ways of working without compromising security and user experience is a hefty task for your IT team. With an IT partner, you gain access to solutions you need to support remote teams, multiple working locations, and a huge array of staff-owned devices. Finally, you won't have to worry about micro-managing every aspect of the transition so you can stay focused on innovating.

6. Ensures Readiness for Compliance Audits

You never know when you'll face a compliance audit, so it's best to be prepared for one at all times. Your IT partner will help ensure you always have the required documentation, including Certificates of Conformance, physical asset tagging, work instructions, and other audit requirements. You'll also get the advantage of knowledgeable IT professionals who have proven experience navigating challenges with software licensing and asset management.

Outsourcing IT will help your business in its stride towards a leaner, more profitable future. Not only will it help you keep pace with changing ways of doing business, you'll find that your internal IT team will have the capacity to focus on growing your business without being bogged down by foundational user IT issues.

Want to Learn More About Outsourced IT?

Dynamic Computer Corporation leverages our years of experience to take on your foundational IT needs. If it's time to have a serious conversation about the need for digital transformation in your organization, we can help.

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Farida Ali

Farida Ali is CEO and President of Dynamic Computer Corporation. She is an experienced executive with over 25 years of experience building and transforming Dynamic to be uniquely positioned as an expert technology solutions provider in highly regulated industries. Farida holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Michigan, as well as a Juris Doctor degree and membership in the State Bar of Michigan. As a certified woman-owned business and a certified minority business enterprise, Dynamic has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, with Farida spearheading this initiative.


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