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Focus on Quality IT Processes

16 November, 2015

Q-wrx minimize risk, optimize quality and increase savings by providing the IT foundation for your organization — it's an asset and lifecycle management solution that guarantees user ready IT. User ready IT means that the IT we provide is fully configured to meet our customers' specifications and ready to use out-of-the-box.

Driven by Quality, Focused on Security

Q-wrx builds upon Dynamic’s ISO-certified quality management system. System imaging is a need for many Q-wrx customers. Dynamic’s technicians follow a rigorous checklist to ensure that every new PC or workstation, shipped to every customer location, meets the organization's exact hardware and software compliance specifications. This also helps ensure consistency in IT capabilities for the end users of the customer's information services.

For some Q-wrx customers, Dynamic manages the inventory of imaged systems for just-in-time order fulfillment. Dynamic also handles return systems – for refurbishing and compliant disposal – with checklist-driven discipline. Device history is maintained in extensive records.

For Q-wrx customers in or serving government, Dynamic holds strictly to the standards of the Federal Information Management Security Act (FISMA) of 2014. We can perform all work in a separate, highly secure location, if the customer's need calls for it. Q-wrx can be designed to comply with many other federal and industry-recognized standards, including FITARA, NIST, FIPS, HIPAA, TAA, 21CFR, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485.

A Q-wrx solution doesn’t end there. The customer can track inventory, place orders, and process invoices through a secure web portal. This keeps all work completely transparent and traceable. Records are retained for 12 or more years. It’s another way in which Dynamic helps ensure that Q-wrx customers are “audit proof.”

Zero Out-of-the-Box Failures

To help ensure quality, Dynamic tests all hardware and software before it is shipped to the Q-wrx customer. If there is a manufacturer’s defect, Dynamic catches it before it slips through. Our goal is to have zero out-of-the-box failures.

Life Cycle Management is another vital Q-wrx solution. Dynamic alerts the customer to manufacturers’ upcoming changes to the workstations’ required hardware and software systems. Recently, for one Q-wrx customer, with continuing need for a soon-to-be-discontinued item, Dynamic made a strategic last-time buy. This enabled the customer to obtain over 40 needed workstation components to last beyond the part’s scheduled end of life.

Centralizing IT configuration and asset management with Dynamic has helped one Q-wrx customer cut the time needed for certain IT set-up and maintenance tasks from as much as two or three months to as little as two or three days. As that company's CIO noted: “Whether we stay inside or go outside, we’ll pay to do this work anyway. Why not entrust it to the specialists?"

The CIO added, "Dynamic takes care of the headaches, hoops, and hurdles. They simply perform the job better. Having them focus on their core business allows us to focus on our core priorities.”

Contact us if you'd like to explore a Q-wrx solution. And please keep watching these pages for more Q-wrx information.

Moiz Bhinderwala

Moiz Bhinderwala leads the technical services and logistics teams at Dynamic. With more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Moiz has deep knowledge of the complex technological landscape, working closely with clients to understand their IT challenges and help design custom technical solutions to meet their business goals.


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