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Licensing Auditing

13 March, 2018

Spending two days with your software partner on license auditing was not what you wanted to do.  Aside from the fact that contract and licensing review is incredibly tedious, it became clear that you don’t have a good handle on all your license assets and a large part of that is not having good information on your physical assets.

Managing multiple locations and continuous end user flow in, out, and across the organization has made it a challenge to track all your endpoints. Plus departments are buying cloud based software that can affect your licensing agreements and aren’t sharing the information with IT.

The bigger concern aside from hardware and software tracking is data tracking.  Not knowing where all your physical assets are or what condition they’re in is a significant security risk.

Auditing Licensing (1).png

Rest assured yours isn’t the only IT group dealing with this issue.  With the increase in worker mobility, the proliferation of end points and now IOT, timely, comprehensive and reliable asset management is quickly becoming a necessity.   

So as the technology leader how do you build a robust ITAM system within your organization?

Your first step should be to gain leadership acceptance by building the business case for ITAM.  According to the ITAM Review, there are three major benefits with potential financial returns for ITAM.

Compliance – meeting legal, contractual and regulatory obligations

Efficiency – making best possible use of assets while maintaining service

Agility – using asset data for business intelligence to support the business

Advocate to the key stakeholders in your company.  Outside of IT, the finance, governance and procurement departments will greatly benefit from an ITAM system.

Educate stakeholders on the pain that the lack of ITAM is costing their departments and the organization as a whole.  Then communicate the benefits to earn their buy in.  Getting their support will drive momentum and make adoption of ITAM that much smoother.

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