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Free White Paper: Commanding the Lifecycle Disconnect

13 July, 2015

In an earlier post, we explored the lifecycle disconnect, and how it makes it hard for a medical device manufacturer to keep a product's support in sync with its integrated IT. What's the medical device manufacturer's answer to this common problem? In big part, it's finding the right IT supplier, experienced in IT lifecycle management for medical devices.

The right IT supplier will track and share inventory and end-of-life information for all IT products offered for direct purchasing. They will know which products offer long-life options. And they will help the device manufacturer make strategic last-time buys to ensure IT availability when a key hardware or software product comes up for replacement.

This is just a hint of why end-to-end IT lifecycle management can be so crucial for medical devices with integrated IT. You'll learn more in the executive white paper, "Commanding the Lifecycle Disconnect," which you can download here. It features 10 typical problem/solution scenarios in IT lifecycle management for medical devices. A real-world case study brings to life how costly the lifecycle disconnect can be. It tells how a leading U.S. medical device manufacturer had to swiftly scramble when one of their most important products and its integrated IT were suddenly thrown out of sync.


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