Get to Know Q-wrx

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Your needs for IT quality keep mounting. Your regulatory requirements aren’t letting up. You can look to Q-wrx for help. Our customers count on their custom Q-wrxSM solution to minimize risk and ensure IT compliance. Our customers entrust us with the IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes needed to support their IT needs.

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How We Audit Proof the IT Supply Chain

Medical Device Manufacturers, Q-wrx solutions, Acquisition, Federal Government

Dynamic Computer Corporation has been a value-added IT reseller to U.S. federal and defense agencies for nearly two decades. We’ve also served leading medical device manufacturers, providing integrated hardware and software for their complex devices, for a few years more than that. What’s most common about these two categories of Dynamic customers is that they both do business in regulated markets. Over the years, we’ve gained extensive experience in delivering mission-critical IT to customers who need it to meet all relevant regulations and quality standards.

Some of our customers have used a strikingly simple and direct term to convey this big idea. They say they’re aiming, in essence, to “audit proof” their IT supply chain.

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Risk Assessment Questions for Federal IT

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It’s a perilous world in information systems today. Threats can arise from cradle to grave in the IT life cycle. Critical systems can be compromised internally – within firmware and software – or during the logistical processes of IT configuration, deployment, and maintenance. Threats can be maliciously intentional, as with attacks from malware – or result from neglect, as with the lack of transparency and control.

Yet as serious as these risks are, federal users can significantly mitigate them through smart use of a Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) model in the IT supply chain.

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Q-wrx In Action

Medical Device Manufacturers, Q-wrx solutions

Q-wrx helps our customers comply with IT regulatory and quality demands. One of our Q-wrx customer is the CIO for the government contracting arm of a FORTUNE 50 health insurance and information systems company. In recent years he has seen his division’s responsibilities steadily grow. Then came the Affordable Care Act – and even greater demands on the CIO’s staff. Pressure was particularly strong for the division’s desktop engineering team.

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Focus on Quality IT Processes

Enterprise IT, Life Cycle Management, Medical Device Manufacturers, Q-wrx solutions, Federal Government

Q-wrx minimize risk, optimize quality and increase savings by providing the IT foundation for your organization — it's an asset and lifecycle management solution that guarantees user ready IT. user ready IT means that the IT we provide is fully configured to meet our customers' specifications and ready to use out-of-the-box.

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How We Optimize Value

Enterprise IT

Dynamic aims to help our customers control their IT costs without sacrificing quality. It’s a philosophy that drives all we do in customer support.

We always have “design to value” in mind for every size and style of customer, at every stage of our business relationship. This, of course, means fulfilling our customers’ IT orders completely, accurately, and promptly, from a trusted source committed to quality. And it extends well beyond that – to providing full-scale IT lifecycle management services for those whose ongoing organizational success depends on it.

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Sell IT-based Medical Devices via SEWP V

Medical Device Manufacturers, Federal Government

Sometimes business opportunities present themselves in surprising ways. Connections may arise between customer needs and solutions that don’t initially seem linked.

Earlier this year, Dynamic Computer Corporation was selected as a Prime Contractor under SEWP V, the government-wide acquisition contract managed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Since then we have fielded many requests for quotations from federal and defense agencies. We receive as many as 100 or more RFQs per day. And we have already received significant orders from the SEWP V contract.

Meanwhile, Dynamic has been providing IT for medical device manufacturers for nearly two decades. Along the way, we have heard from a number of medical device manufacturers about how frustrating it can be to sell their equipment to federal healthcare facilities through other government contracting vehicles — particularly GSA. Now here's how these two points are connected ...

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Does Your IT Supplier Sweat the Details on Logistics?

Enterprise IT, Logistics

Our workdays can be so intense. The demands keep increasing. Tasks and technology get only more complex. No one can rest given current productivity demands. It's not surprising, then, that so many organizations across industries are electing to outsource their IT purchasing to specialized suppliers.

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Free White Paper: Commanding the Lifecycle Disconnect

Disposal, Life Cycle Management, Medical Device Manufacturers

In an earlier post, we explored the lifecycle disconnect, and how it makes it hard for a medical device manufacturer to keep a product's support in sync with its integrated IT. What's the medical device manufacturer's answer to this common problem? In big part, it's finding the right IT supplier, experienced in IT lifecycle management for medical devices.

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Dynamic Earns Slot on 2015 CRN Solution Provider 500; Sales Rank Among North America's Best

Enterprise IT

Dynamic has been named to the 2015 CRN Solution Provider 500 by The Channel Company of Westborough, MA. The annual CRN SP500 list spans eight categories, from hardware and software sales to managed IT services. It recognizes the top revenue-generating technology integrators, managed service providers, and IT consultants in North America.

For this year’s CRN SP500 list, solution providers have been ranked on revenue from sales of products and services in 2014. Dynamic is number 451.

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