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Sell IT-based Medical Devices via SEWP V

12 August, 2015

Sometimes business opportunities present themselves in surprising ways. Connections may arise between customer needs and solutions that don’t initially seem linked.

Earlier this year, Dynamic Computer Corporation was selected as a Prime Contractor under SEWP V, the government-wide acquisition contract managed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Since then we have fielded many requests for quotations from federal and defense agencies. We receive as many as 100 or more RFQs per day. And we have already received significant orders from the SEWP V contract.

Meanwhile, Dynamic has been providing IT for medical device manufacturers for nearly two decades. Along the way, we have heard from a number of medical device manufacturers about how frustrating it can be to sell their equipment to federal healthcare facilities through other government contracting vehicles — particularly GSA. Now here's how these two points are connected ...

The SEWP V contract includes health IT. Dynamic, serving as a distributor, may be able to facilitate government sales of a manufacturer’s IT-based medical devices through SEWP V.

Why SEWP V? For one thing, it's the most popular IT procurement vehicle for government purchasing. All federal agencies are now using SEWP V. This includes the Veterans Administration, Health and Human Services, and Department of Defense medical facilities.

Government contracting officers prefer SEWP V because it makes IT purchasing easy. There’s no need to post a public synopsis of the intended buy. No need to create a sole-source justification. No need for three quotes to prove fair competition. Instead the contracting officer simply posts their RFQ on the SEWP V portal for a minimum of 24 hours to receive responses from contracted suppliers.

As a SEWP V Prime Contractor, Dynamic regularly sees requests for IT-based healthcare solutions on the SEWP V portal. There are RFQs for medical workstations, digital pathology systems, medical imaging and clinical software, and more.

Can Dynamic help you increase federal sales of IT-based health products through SEWP V? If you would like to explore this, please contact us.


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