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Problems and Solutions in IT Lifecycle Management for Medical Devices

2 April, 2015

Inevitably, the manufacturer of a medical device for human digital imaging or diagnostics will face the challenge of coordinating their device’s overall product lifecycle with the useful lives of the device’s integrated hardware and software components.

The complete medical machine or device may go essentially unchanged for a decade or more. This is largely due to regulations. A widely used medical device’s life will come to a close only after the long process of FDA approval has yielded a proven replacement.

Not so, however, for the device’s integrated IT. Mere months may pass between significant upgrades in a particular technology component critical to the device’s performance.

This does not need to be a problem – as long as the device maker stays on top of their IT vendors’ plans for all relied-upon technology. But if taken by surprise, a genuine disaster can occur. Even if the device’s effective performance takes only a temporary hit, the manufacturer will immediately see why attentive IT lifecycle management is so crucial.

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Dynamic Computer Corporation has prepared a white paper describing ten common IT lifecycle management problems faced by medical device manufacturers – and prescribing solutions. There is also a real-world case study inside that tells how a leading U.S. medical device maker learned to reduce risk and optimize IT quality through effective lifecycle management.

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