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Unified Endpoint Management: Everything You Need to Know

10 May, 2019

Unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions simultaneously consolidate the management of desktop, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and eliminate the need for disparate systems to protect and control devices. They also streamline asset management and provide secure experiences across employee devices.

IT administrators frequently explore ways to seamlessly secure and manage employee devices. As such, global UEM market revenues are projected to increase from $2.1 billion in 2018 to $4 billion in 2022, according to industry analyst The Radicati Group. Yet merely deploying UEM solutions is insufficient. Without a UEM solution that offers advanced endpoint detection, prevention, and remediation capabilities, employee devices remain susceptible to endpoint attacks.

Endpoint Attacks on the Rise

Ponemon Institute’s “The 2018 State of Endpoint Security Risk” survey of 660 IT security professionals highlighted the increasing need for UEM solutions among global organizations. Notable survey results included:

  • 64% of respondents said their company experienced one or more endpoint attacks that compromised data assets and/or IT infrastructure over the past 12 months, up 17% year over year.
  • 70% were “very concerned” about a significant increase in new and unknown threats against their organization.
  • Among respondents in organizations that were compromised, 76% said their organization experienced a new o r unknown zero-day attack.

UEM solutions provide multiple layers of endpoint protection. In doing so, UEM solutions empower IT administrators to protect their data, devices, and assets against evolving endpoint attacks.

What to Look for in a UEM Solution

The ideal UEM solution enables IT administrators to:

  • Safeguard assets, networks, and users against endpoint attacks
  • Eliminate points of failure
  • Increase employee productivity

The ideal UEM solution consolidates security and management, too. This solution empowers IT administrators to secure all employee devices — regardless of location. At the same time, the solution is simple to deploy and ensures employees can use their devices without any delays or interference. 

HP Compute Security Solutions Are Critical for Modern Businesses

HP Compute Security Solutions are quickly becoming must-haves for modern businesses. They are easy to deploy, manage, and customize — without hampering the user experience. Additionally, HP Compute Security Solutions address a wide range of cyberthreats, including:

  • BIOS Attacks: The PC BIOS securely boots your computer’s operating system. If the PC BIOS is compromised, cybercriminals can shut down your computer. HP Sure Start automatically identifies and addresses unauthorized BIOS changes. In the event of a BIOS attack, HP Sure Start also restores the most recent clean version of the BIOS.
  • Malware: Traditional antivirus software cannot keep pace with sophisticated malware attacks. HP Sure Click opens untrusted websites and files in isolated virtual containers and traps and deletes malware.
  • Visual Hacking: Onlookers can steal sensitive data on your computer screen, but HP Sure View stops visual hackers in their tracks. It offers a privacy mode so you can prevent side-angle viewing of your computer screen.

HP Compute Security Solutions and UEM solutions from Dynamic Computer Corporation protect your endpoints and simplify your IT asset management. Click here to learn more.

Dynamic: Delivering Customer-Centric IT

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