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Lifecycle Management for Medical Device Workstations

14 April, 2015

A medical device for human diagnostics or digital imaging will typically use a high-end workstation, rather than a standard desktop or laptop computer, for processing, storing, and displaying data. This is because of the heavy-duty graphics capabilities required.

The medical device’s usage will likely demand a workstation equipped with a high-horsepower Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and a kicked-up graphics card. High memory capacity may also be needed. And whether the workstation has a desktop, laptop, or notebook profile, its display should be larger and higher in resolution than usual. All of this adds to the complexity of product lifecycle management.

Synchronizing any sophisticated medical instrument’s long, highly regulated lifecycle to the rapidly evolving IT products at its core is tough enough. The high-end elements of an integrated workstation make it even harder. That’s why the medical device maker should carefully assess their sources of IT.

Choose an IT solutions provider with experience and expertise in lifecycle management for medical devices requiring workstations.

Dynamic Computer Corporation is just such an IT supplier. For our customers in the medical device industry, we are able to track and manage product lifecycles for complete workstations, as well as for individual workstation components. We often integrate key accessories with particular workstations to meet unique device specifications.

Dynamic provides product demos, proofs of concept, and IT roadmaps. We can also offer white-box custom-built workstations. At all times, we work with the device maker to keep workstation specifications tightly matched to the device’s needs.

Note too that Dynamic is vendor-neutral. If certain components go end-of-life through their OEMs, we can source replacements from other channel partners to maintain the medical device’s validated workstation specifications for an extended period.

Dynamic supports the leading workstation platforms commonly used for medical devices. We can ensure their suitability for import. Generally, the systems we configure are approved for sale, successfully installed, and productively used worldwide.

When you choose Dynamic, you bring proven quality to your supply chain.

We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified. Our quality management processes entail all logistical details. We can strategically order, validate, and warehouse your workstations to optimize inventory for just-in-time delivery needs.

Read our Tech Brief on IT lifecycle management for workstations in medical devices.



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