SMART Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies encounter many hurdles on the path to transforming to a smart manufacturing factory. From shadow IT in facilities trying to locally manage technology on the plant floor, IT team bandwidth to manage disparate systems and devices, to legacy systems in need of digital transformation, there is no shortage of opportunities for improvement.

As integrating technology into all plant processes becomes more and more critical to a manufacture’s success, many companies struggle to keep up with the pace. The need for interconnected machinery, data driven operations, and automation are challenges faced by CIO’s and IT teams already stretched thin by the growing demands to not only support all enterprise functions, but to innovate and be part of the corporate strategy.

Dynamic helps manufacturing enterprises with IoT product development, plant floor efficiency and organizational IT systems, increasing IT department bandwidth to work on more relevant, innovative tasks that provide real value to your customers.

What Challenges Do You Face?

lost productivity or revenue

In manufacturing, the smallest mistake can have big consequences – from lost productivity and revenue to worker safety or loss in consumer confidence. Across the various manufacturing stages, digital manufacturing networks need to have consistency, stability, security and monitoring to predict and avoid issues. Dynamic’s compliant, consistent and controlled process manages the interconnected technology components of the manufacturing equipment throughout its lifecycle. We help reduce downtime for a more reliable, efficient and cost-effective production process.

plant safety & network security

With increased digitization in manufacturing comes increased security risks. Protecting devices and data throughout the lifecycle is key to ensuring plant safety and network security. Proactive management and monitoring of manufacturing IT systems reduces risks from cyberattacks and improves equipment stability and fewer plant safety concerns. Dynamic helps manufacturing companies streamline asset management and provide a consistent and secure experience across all devices and operating systems.

IOT on the plant floor

On the plant floor, not only is technology increasing productivity, efficiency and quality, but with automation, AI or IoT equipment being integrated into the manufacturing supply chain, technology is also helping manufacturing companies quickly meet evolving customer requirements and stay competitive with faster time-to-market production.

These technologies can provide real-time data, quickly detect and correct product quality concerns that a human eye may miss or identify and predict machine problems before they impact plant equipment and production.

Safety at the plant improves with smart manufacturing as technology supplements the human workforce, taking on the more tedious or dangerous tasks.


Manufacturing companies producing their own IoT products – such as autonomous vehicles, connected cars and appliances, wearables, or home security systems – need to be constantly innovating to meet consumer demands. From idea to tangible IoT product calls for extensive design, development, testing, production, logistics and lifecycle management.

Dynamic works with companies on their internal or customer-facing IoT projects. We acquire the right technology, configured to meet your specs, deployed in days instead of weeks, and managed end-to-end – enabling you to keep your focus on innovation and creating great products instead of reacting to technology issues.

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