• Q-wrxSM

    Q-Wrx Full Service and IT Asset Lifecycle Management

    User-Ready IT.

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    We ensure our clients have the IT they need.

    Q-wrxSM provides an asset and lifecycle management solution that guarantees user ready IT. Our clients think of us as an extension of their company. We take care of the user IT, while their in-house teams focus on maximizing business performance. We can cut a client’s IT deployment time from 3 weeks to 2-3 days and alleviate painful processes, while ensuring the highest level of compliance.

    Client Testimony

    “Dynamic provides the most comprehensive service, greatest flexibility, and highest cost savings, of any company I’ve worked with. And I’ve been at this awhile.”


  • Acquisition

    Software Configuration Management and Real-time Tracking IT Lifecycle Management

    Secure error-free products.

    Our tested process optimizes transactions from leading supply chains at negotiated prices.

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    Our acquisition services are accurate, transparent, and secure.

    We only purchase products through OEM-authorized channels to ensure they are authentic. We share information about product availability, equipment, and shipping details with you via our Customer Portal. We triple-check that you get the right products, with correct versions and accurate quantities. We aim to do things right the first time to help avoid issues later on.


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  • Technical Services

    Software Configuration Management and Software Testing Services

    Fully compliant systems.

    Our IT configuration services are 100% built to your spec.

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    Our technical services are innovative and exact

    We stay apprised of industry standards and changes to make recommendations that improve your systems. We provide 100% accurate configuration, and build, test, and deploy an image of your software that is fully compliant with your specifications. We use a rigorous quality control checklist process to ensure your products are deployment ready.


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  • Logistics

    Custom Product Packaging and Inspection of IT Products and IT Lifecycle Management

    Meticulous and continuous project management.

    Our precise inspection, packaging, and shipping processes ensure that you receive your product on spec and on time.

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    Our logistics services are thorough and traceable. 

    We package your IT products according to your specifications and offer additional services including labeling, kitting, and custom boxing. We carefully inspect products upon receipt and delivery so your team does not experience failures. We capture and communicate real-time tracking information with you via our Customer Portal.


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    Client Testimony

    “Dynamic boxes, labels, and ships for us. We can get product to any of our 365 locations across North America – and we always know exactly what’s deployed, and where, for audits.”


  • Disposal

    Software Testing Services and Real-time Endpoint Management

    Eliminate liability.

    We dispose your e-waste in compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements.

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    Our disposal services are secure and green.

    We destroy your data in compliance with requirements, and dispose of your physical IT assets in an environmentally-conscious manner. We provide you with certified documentation — that way, you’re protected against any data loss or breach, and you have the information you need for audits, and legal or security reviews.